Clair Marc Darmudas

A Story of lies and deception

Clair Marc Darmudas

The story so far.......


Mr Darmudas has failed to engage with his trustee to conclude his bankruptcy.


We have received a lot of information on Clair Marc Darmudas's past misdeeds and invite others who know of his connections to Israel, Russia or China to contact us at

As part of an extensive investigation in to the activities of a UK registered company, Equity Trading Systems Limited (formerly known as Larn Limited, and a company that was placed into administration in May 2012, and subsequently into liquidation), and its sole director, Luis Nobre, many individuals and corporate entities have been investigated, interviewed by the Liquidator of the company, interviewed by the Metropolitan Police in respect of money laundering offences, proceeds of crime and corporate fraud (and subsequently arrested and charged), pursued by the Liquidator to recover the funds.

In November 2011, one of these individuals, Clair Marc Darmudas received a significant sum from Equity/Larn, a company that does not appear to have traded, allegedly in exchange for providing professional services and promising to provide future consultancy advice and act in an advisory capacity to the company. The Liquidator challenged the payment to Clair Marc Darmudas and sought to obtain an explanation as to why such a payment was made.

In the absence of satisfactory responses, from Clair Marc Darmudas, the Liquidator instigated legal proceedings. Those proceedings sought to claim back the money wrongfully paid to Clair Marc Darmudas, for the benefit of Equity/Larn's creditors. The application and supporting witness statement are attached and demonstrate why the claim was made. The trial was set to take place on 11 December 2014, 17 months after proceedings were issued.

On 11th December 2014, rather than face the process of trial, Clair Marc Darmudas reached agreement with the liquidator in court and a form of consent order was reached, pursuant to which Clair Marc Darmudas was ordered to pay a significant sum to Equity/Larn.

Subsequent to the hearing there was an exchange of emails regarding the transfer of the funds and the defendants solicitors provided assurances that the funds were in transit and that their client had informed them that the funds had been remitted to the liquidator's solicitors. Clair Marc Darmudas represented that the funds were in the banking system. This was untrue. The funds were never paid!

A High Court judgment was obtained on 8 January 2015 for the full amount of the debt together with interest and associated costs. The judgement was formally served upon Clair Marc Darmudas.

UPDATE: Despite repeated assurances and proclamations, as of October 2016, Darmudas has yet to pay up.

In the early part of 2015 it was reported that Clair Marc Darmudas’s wife had started to knock down and re-build her business “Club La Palma” (See the Links Downloads section). As the following pictures show construction has stalled and as of April 2016 appears to be on permanent hold.

Clair Marc Darmudas Club La Palma Clair Marc Darmudas Club La Palma Clair Marc Darmudas Club La Palma
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The principle objective is to recover the funds payable under the terms of the judgement for the benefit of the creditors. To do so, we would invite everyone and anyone who has knowledge of the business activities and the assets of Clair Marc Darmudas , to contact us with whatever such information they have available. Please contact us at