Clair Marc Darmudas

A Story of lies and deception

Clair Marc Darmudas

Clair Marc Darmudas - Document Links and Downloads

1. Justia Case File : Luis Alberto Martines Marin, et al. v. Hansabanka, et al.

Download : Justia Case File

2. Gunita Skaldere Darmudas visit in London (Facebook) :

Download : Gunita Skaldere Darmudasa facebook.pdf

3. Local Press in Latvia regards the Aizkraukle bar /cafe :

Download : Aizkraukle Article Darmudas Club Cafe Part 1 PDF

Brief overview :
The article reported that locals Aizkraukle residents were confused as to why the bar/cafe had been closed and that the owner of the bar, Gunita Skaldere-Darmudas, said that they want to re-build the club, due to the issues with the roof, etc. The architect had confirmed the re-building in August, 2014 but the works had just been started in January 2015. The club was opened in 2010.

4. Local Press in Latvia regards the buildings work at the club La Palma

Download : Aizkrauklē La Palma Article Part 2 PDF

5. Euro Bank Trust Corp information included as list of participators : Visit Site

6. Rip Off Report : Visit Site
7. Pending formal release